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Ask a mathematician, and they will tell you how astoundingly beautiful, profoundly rich, and incredibly exciting the world of mathematics is. If you’re fortunate enough to get beyond the facts and formulae taught in school you can start to see just what a vital role maths plays in the world around us. From patterns in nature and how animals behave in it, to the encryption underpinning modern communication technology and the big data driving decision-making and change, mathematics never ceases to amaze.

SAMI is a charity based in the UK that has been working around the world to help foster a love and appreciation of maths, and its role in society. The London maths camp is week-long event that brings together students, teachers, lecturers and maths enthusiasts from all walks of life, in shared exploration and discovery of ideas which stretch far beyond the traditional school curriculum. It is also an opportunity to reach out and help those who otherwise might not get such experiences in life.

Camp Themes

Monday – Cryptography

codebreakingThe ways in which we communicate has changed slowly evolved over time and then rapidly within recent years. One thing  that has remained constant however is the need to keep messages secret and secure. From the classic Caesar and Vigenère ciphers, to the modern methods of RSA encryption that aim to secure the internet secure, we explore how mathematics is used to achieve these goals. 

Cath Moore from the Further Maths Support Programme will be giving the guest lecture.

Tuesday – Geometry

triangleIn this theme we start with some simple games such as Dobble, Set and Nim and see how the underlying structures are connected in an interesting ways. From there we turn conventional geometry on its head, and see how different things look when we start using shapes and paths on a canvas that is no longer a flat piece of paper.

Professor Balazs Sendroi from Oxford University will be giving the guest lecture.

Wednesday – The Physical World

picture2If a butterfly flaps it's wings can it really cause a hurricane halfway around the world? In this theme we explore the art of prediction, and how small changes can lead to huge consequences in complex and chaotic systems.

Professor Bruce Hobbs from Edinburgh University will giving the guest lecture.

Thursday – Modelling in Nature

simulationModelling plays a huge role in trying to understand the world around us. From the flocking and swarming patterns seen in nature, to the spread of viruses and viral videos on social media, this theme explores the mathematics behind some of the most interesting real-world phenomena.  Professor José Antonio Carrillo de la Plata from Imperial College London will be giving the guest lecture.

Friday – Statistics

statisticsWhy is data so important and how can we start to use it to its full potential? This theme is a chance to explore the vast amounts of information we collect, pondering how big data should be used in society, and a looking into nature of ignorance, risk and bias.

Reed Roberts from the Economist will be giving the guest lecture.


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Who are SAMI?

SAMI stands for ‘Supporting African Maths Initiatives’ and is a UK-based charity. SAMI was founded in 2014 as a means to support education and outreach projects across Africa and has helped  to run maths camps in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana and Tanzania. You can find lots more about the charity and current projects at our website: https://samicharity.co.uk

What will SAMI do with the money raised from the maths camp?

SAMI is running the camp on an entirely voluntary basis, so all proceeds will go directly to projects in Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia and Tanzania such as maths camps, maths clubs and improving conditions for female students.

What will a typical day look like at the SAMI maths camp?

Each day will be different with new activities and ideas to consider. There will be some common structure; each day will include welcome puzzles as students arrive, practical sessions, card games and tricks and a guest lecture.

What is the timetable for each day?

The camp will run from 10am to 4pm each day, with registration and puzzles from 9.30am.

Do I need to be good at maths to come?

No. There is no entry requirement, we are just looking for students who have a keen interest in maths and would like to know more about it.

What age range is the camp for?

Year 8 – 10 (roughly age 12 – 14).

How many students will there be at the camp?

We have space for up to 60 students.

If I came last year, will there be new things to learn?

Absolutely. We have two brand new themes for this year and previous themes will be approached in new ways.

Can I attend for any number of days?

We would recommend coming for the whole week, but if you can only make a certain number of days then please just book for the days you can make.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Just a lively curiosity and a calculator.  Pens, paper and any other materials needed are provided.

Is lunch provided?

Yes lunch is provided and we’ll do our best to cater for any special requests, just let us know.

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